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      SWF type mixed flow fan

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      SWF type mixed flow fan

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      Summary of SWF type mixed flow fan

      1.1 SWF type mixed flow fan with meridian plane accelerating method is designed, the impeller wheel as the cone, and the fan inlet is equipped with A conical current collector, to speed up the air flow speed, effectively reduce the outflow of noise at the same time, under the operation condition of the unit air volume, air pressure, than A levels can reduce 2 ~ 3 db (A), in the case of low speed at the same time, can obtain high pressure fan, low pressure centrifugal fan can be substituted.

      1.2 according to the appointed number is divided into 250 ~ 1400 mm fan 18 kinds of specifications, the series of air volume for 500-110000 m3 / h, total pressure of 50 ~ 1400 pa. Fan according to the speed control mode can be divided into single speed (Ⅰ type), double speed (Ⅱ type). Two-speed fan can meet the needs of the users to adjust the performance of different point, double speed motor, realize two speed, fan can also be used with frequency conversion motor and inverter controller, realize stepless speed regulation, the recommended frequency of the regulating lock in 25 hz ~ 50 hz.

      1.3. In order to meet the need of explosion-proof environment, can make explosion-proof fan fan, explosion-proof grade for EXdIIBT4.

      1.4. The requirement of the noise in order to adapt to different places, the fan muffler can match different length, also can make coating type fan.

      SWF type mixed flow fan working conditions

      Temperature: - 20 ~ + 40 ℃;

      Humidity: < 90%;

      Medium term: air (dust content does not exceed 100 mg/m3);

      Work power: three-phase, 380 v / 50 hz.

      SWF type mixed flow fan application

          Fan can be widely used in civil construction, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, stadium and other places of ventilated take a breath, the most suitable for pipeline pressure, air supply and exhaust air and high-rise buildings, the general architecture of ventilated take a breath.

      SWF type mixed flow fan configuration

      4.1.The standard configuration

      The impeller; The motor; Chassis (ram, current collector, guide vane, inner tube, motor bracket); Bottom of feet.

      4.2. Options and accessories (when ordering specify whether to buy)

          ※Vibration damping device;※Control box;※Net;※Mating flanges.

      SWF type mixed wind flow machining process

         Fan impeller for steel wheel hydraulic stretch forming, blade hydroforming after stamping, welding assembly forming blade and hub. The impeller by the dynamic and static balance correction, no greater than G5.6 level balance precision

         Outer tube flange flanging are used for spinning, current collector inlets, hydraulic mould.


      SWF - Ⅰ mixed flow fan appearance and installation dimensions

      SWF - Ⅱ mixed flow fan appearance and installation dimensions

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