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      HLF - 6 mixed flow fan

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      HLF - 6 mixed flow fan

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      • Data:2015/11/04
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      HLF - 6 mixed wind flow case

         HLF - 6 type mixed wind flow case is in order to meet the needs of the modern advanced building lower noise, to PYHL - 14 a yao HL3-2 a type of mixed flow fan box production, fan case board for silencing panel, the panel outer caitu, silencing middle layer for ultrafine sound-absorbing cotton, lining for micro perforation plate and frame type structure, the machine can be noise about 3 ~ 7 db.

         HLF - 6 mixed wind flow box is divided into smoke exhaust and ventilation, exhaust type for PYHL - 14 a mixed flow fan box, in the medium temperature above 300 ℃ high temperature continuous operation under the condition of 60 minutes, 20 hours of continuous running under the condition of 100 ℃ temperature/time is not damaged, can be used for ventilation and smoke exhaust. Ventilated type of HL3-2 a mixed flow fan box, can be used for ventilation.

      HLF - 6 mixed wind flow chassis appearance and installation dimensions



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