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      HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan

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      HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan

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      HTFC - V summary of cabinet centrifugal fan.

      HTFC - 1.1 V cabinet centrifugal fan is a kind of blade is backward type box type centrifugal fan, products backward vane by low noise centrifugal fan, motor, bearing type, transmission parts, silencing box, etc. According to the installation position is different, for 12 different Angle into the outlet location, different installation environment in order to meet user needs. According to the different requirements of fire control and ventilation points A type and B type two kinds, A machine is installed outside the enclosure used in fire smoke, and by the national quality inspection center of fire-fighting equipment supervision by GA211-1999 "fire smoke exhaust fan, high temperature resistance test method" into the high temperature test, can continuous operation under the condition of 300 ℃ high temperature above 60 minutes; B type machine is installed in the casing, used for ventilation.

      1.2 fan according to ~ 17, 1600 mm diameter is divided into 250 kinds of specifications, the series of air volume is 1000 ~ 300000 m3 / h total pressure is 280 ~ 2300 pa, fan of single and double speed, two-speed fan two-speed motor, realize two speed, can meet the needs of the users to adjust the performance of different point, the fan can be frequency conversion motor and frequency conversion controller, realize the frequency control of motor speed, the recommended frequency of the regulating lock in 25 hz ~ 50 hz.

      1.3 should be explosion-proof environment needs appropriately, can make explosion-proof fan fan, explosion-proof grade for EXd Ⅱ BT4, used in places where inflammable and explosive gas.

      1.4 the requirement of the noise in order to adapt to different places, the fan can be with different length of muffler, silencing fan housing will also be upset, in order to reduce fan noise.

      1.5 at the beginning of fan and configuration efficiency, in effect, or high efficiency filter, in order to improve the cleanliness of the air, configuration filter type should consider the pressure loss, and should be appropriately increased fan body length.

      2、HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan working conditions  

      Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 40 ℃) can run continuously.

      Resistance to high temperature: 100 ℃ (20 hours) can run continuously. 300 ℃ (60 minutes) can run continuously.

      Wet degree: less than 90%;

      Medium term: air

      Work power: three-phase, 380 v / 50 hz.

      3、HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan

          Fan can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, halls, theaters, basement, industrial and mining enterprises, offices and other places ventilation and smoke exhaust, especially suitable for the need of low noise, big air volume ventilation and smoke exhaust.

      4、HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan configuration

      4.1.The standard configuration

         The impeller; Belt cover (A type); Bearing (shell); Into the outlet flange. Pulley and belt; The motor; Motor control orbit; Chassis (chassis, current collector, support); Anechoic box body; Main shaft;

      4.2Options and accessories (order type indicate) whether to buy

          Vibration damping device; Mating flanges; Control box; The filter; Muffler; The motor cover (A type).

      5、HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan processing technology

      5.1 fan impeller and casing is made of high qualified steel plate, mold production, forming, welding impeller by dynamic and static balance correction, the balance accuracy is not greater than 5.6 on the Richter scale are unlikely.

      5.2 silencing fan chamber consists of frame, box board assembly design, the framework USES the advanced metal cold bending unit a stretch and become (or aluminum profile is used) according to the requirement of users, carton board for width, surface clean and beautiful, corrosion resistance is strong, the inner is aluminum foil, laminated for polyurethane foam, can reduce noise further. Products can be carried out on-site dismantling.



      HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan shape and size


      HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan inlet and outlet flange dimensions


      HTFC - V cabinet centrifugal fan inlet and outlet flange dimensions



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