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      Shanghai shangyu fan manufacturing co., LTD

      Address: Shanghai fengxian zhe Lin PuWei highway no. 6157

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      BF type fan case

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      BF type fan case

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      1、BF type fan case overview 

      1.1 BF blower box impeller adopts forward type wing impeller and low-noise external rotor motor, motor and impeller for straight league, fan noise is lower than of belt drive fan box. Fan installation form horizontal (W) and vertical (L) two kinds.

      1.2. The requirement of the noise in order to adapt to different places, the fan can be with different length of muffler, silencing fan housing will also be upset, make the fan noise is lower.

      2、BF type fan case working conditions

      Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 40 ℃;

      Humidity: less than 90%;

      Medium term: air (dust content does not exceed 100 mg/m3);

      Work power: three-phase, 380 v / 50 hz.

      3、BF type fan case application 

          The fan can be widely used in office, hotel, museum, gymnasium, culture and education of health air conditioning engineering ventilated take a breath.

      4、BF type fan case configuration

      4.1.The standard configuration

      The impeller; External rotor motor (volute, current collector, bracket); Noise elimination type box body; Into the outlet flange.

      4.2. Optional and accessories (when ordering specify whether to buy)

          ※Vibration damping device;※Control box;※Muffler;※Mating flanges.

      5、BF type fan case processing technology

      5.1. Fan impeller and casing for high quality galvanized sheet, all the mold production, and use the means, such as riveting, bite after clean surface level off, there is no welding deformation phenomenon.

      5.2. The fan noise elimination type box body adopts frame, box board assembly structure, the framework USES the advanced metal cold bending unit a stretch and become (also can according to user's need to adopt aluminum alloy profile), outer box plate width, surface clean and beautiful, corrosion resistance is strong, the inner for acoustical micro perforation plate, galvanized sandwich superfine glass wool, can reduce noise further. The product can tear open outfit, on-site installation.



      BF type fan case appearance and installation dimensions



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