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      DWT - II, III type centrifugal roof fan

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      DWT - II, III type centrifugal roof fan

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      1、DWT - II, III type centrifugal fan roof overview  

         DWT - II, Ⅲ roof type centrifugal fan, the impeller using centrifugal impeller, applicable air volume small, the pressure is higher. Type II USES the three layers of hood, III for no hood.

      Fan according to the impeller diameter points DWT - II has nine number (300-1000 - mm, series air volume is 800-31000 m3 / h, total pressure is 120 ~ 1100 pa. DWT - Ⅲ is ten number (280 ~ 800 mm, the series of air volume for 1000-40000 m3 / h, total pressure is 100 ~ 500 pa.

         Fan according to the different environmental needs, can be made into explosion-proof type, suitable for the corrosion sites containing flammable, explosive gas, anti-corrosion type can be used in environment containing corrosive gas.

         To meet the needs of the user to adjust the performance of different working conditions, the fan can be a two-speed motor, realize two speed, can also be used with frequency conversion motor and inverter controller, realize stepless speed regulation remote suggestion adjustment in 25 hz ~ 50 hz frequency lock (when ordering specify).

         Fan can match according to the needs of user manual or electric control valve, such as the vertical shutter (when ordering specify).

      2、DWT - II, III type centrifugal fan roof conditions

      Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 40 ℃;

      Humidity: less than 90%;

      Medium term:

      Conventional type: not corrosion, flammable, explosive gas, dust content does not exceed 100 mg/m3).

      Explosion-proof type: the corrosion contains flammable, explosive gas, dust content does not exceed 100 mg/m3).

      Anti-corrosion type: corrosive gases (without any dust).

      Work power: three-phase, 380 v / 50 hz.

      3、DWT - II, III type centrifugal fan roof application

          Fan is mainly suitable for factory mining enterprises, power stations and other places of high voltage, small flow roof ventilation.

      4、DWT - II, III type centrifugal fan roof configuration

      The standard configuration

      The impeller; The motor; Chassis (ram yao current collector, motor bracket); Glass fiber reinforced plastic cap; Safety net.

      Options and accessories (when ordering specify whether to buy)

          ※Manual or electric regulating valve;※Control box;※Since the vertical shutter.

      5、DWT - II, III type centrifugal fan roof application

         Fan impeller is made of steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic, stamping steel impeller blade cutting, hydraulic forming, integral impeller welding assembly, glass fiber reinforced plastic impeller overall forming at a time. The impeller by the dynamic and static balance correction, no greater than G5.6 level balance precision.

         Steel casing for welding, glass fiber reinforced plastic casing for forming at a time.

      6、DWT - II type centrifugal roof fan performance parameters of the table



      DWT - III type centrifugal fan roof shape and installation size

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