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      Contact Us

      Shanghai shangyu fan manufacturing co., LTD

      Address: Shanghai fengxian zhe Lin PuWei highway no. 6157

      Telephone: 021-57450101 57450919

      The true: 021-57450900

      Web site: www.mptmotor.com

      Case shows

      Current Location: Home>>Case>>Case shows


      Shanghai pudong garden of China telecom

      Shanghai star river real estate development co., LTD

      Shanghai changfeng commercial entertainment center

      Shanghai min river garden hotel planet residential area

      Shanghai new jiangwan C2-2 block (oak bay)

      Shanghai city garden lobo in China

      Shanghai mechanical and electrical installation company = new road, the road tunnel

      Shanghai jiaozhou lobo China mansion

      New town jiading kindergarten

      Shanghai hua cao 216 block supporting commercial housing

      Shanghai jinta B block

      Shanghai jin hui hao atrium

      Shanghai fu tai Minneapolis

      Shanghai favored one apartment hotel

      Shanghai expo village 4 # floor

      Shanghai world expo Finnish pavilion

      Shanghai pudong south high construction engineering co., LTD

      Shanghai Lu Chao port of China navigation museum

      Shanghai occurrence of juxian achieves the second phase

      Shanghai east China university of science and technology

      The peninsula hotel Shanghai Jin Shanfeng sources

      Shanghai fisheries university

      Shanghai qingpu wing industry office building

      Shanghai music college

      Hopson commercial building in Shanghai

      Shanghai normal university

      Shanghai xuhui commercial building

      Shanghai zhongshan hospital

      Shanghai industrial building

      Shanghai ent hospital

      Shanghai hao shark's fin seafood hotel

      Shanghai jinshan hospital

      Shanghai TRW automotive r&d co., LTD

      Shanghai ruijin hospital medical building

      Shanghai airlines

      Shanghai hongqiao hub

      Easy to buy supermarket in Shanghai

      Shanghai new station's underground garage and south plaza

      Shanghai high south construction engineering co., LTD

      Shanghai tobacco group cloud library phase ii workshop

      Shanghai fengxian agriculture park

      Shanghai republican international business plaza

      Shanghai pudong retired cadres center

      Shanghai pudong new area OuDangWei school construction projects

      Shanghai dance the peacock industry &trade co., LTD. - MaiLang today
      Shanghai yong too fire engineering co., LTD. - healthcare 16 neighborhoodShanghai restaurant management co., LTD. - printing two xiang gardenShanghai building decoration engineering co., LTD. - the peace hotel
      Waigaoqiao free trade zone D5-5 production floorShanghai pangu heaven and earthShanghai China metallurgical new city real estate co., LTD
      Shanghai oa control system technology co., LTDEverbright Convention & Exhibition CenterShanghai treasure smelting construction co., LTD
      Treasure of Shanghai construction group co., LTD - militia training baseSuzhou construction group, Shanghai hao internationalShanghai Volkswagen spring shen yuan
      Shanghai wall construction co., LTD., Shanghai cigarette factoriesShanghai ding fire engineering co., LTDShanghai lingang city construction building
      Hitachi elevator (Shanghai) co., LTDBuild a Shanghai installation company, evergreenGreenland group, world G project
      Xin capital RenYiJia estates. Space centerXinzhuang center hospitalChina telecom security center
      Big prosperous meilong town squareChina benefits green kindergartenShanghai golden bridge construction
      Shanghai golden sail brand building Shanghai ning gardenShanghai wujiaochang town community health service centers
      Shanghai wujiaochang town community health service centersShanghai penta-ocean constructionShanghai hongqiao airport
      Shanghai tongji automotive collegeShanghai coking plantShanghai moon and mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD
      Shanghai HuaQi real estate development company              Wu by the thermal power plantShanghai chuan hu real estate company
      Shanghai children's national medical center (the city major projects)Kaida boiler complete company in ShanghaiShanghai glass tube factory (Japanese joint venture)
      The Shanghai industrial and commercial bankThe world trade center of ShanghaiShanghai aluminum industry co., LTD
      Shanghai new station's underground garage and south plazaZhabei squareHan song paper co., LTD
      Jiading young household shopping mallsShanghai kitchen equipment companyShanghai tong yu construction and installation company
      Shanghai rong xing decoration co., LTDShanghai Marine air conditioning refrigeration co., LTDShanghai belong pharmaceutical co., LTD
      Shanghai Johnson & Johnson (China) medical equipment co., LTDShanghai jiangnan shipyard (hudong zhonghua shipyard)Shanghai zhong da industrial co., LTD
      Shanghai tobacco group building Shanghai skyline mansion (ZhenBei Road)Shanghai jiangnan mechanical and electrical equipment supply co., LTD
      Shanghai putuo district recreation center (sands road)Shanghai tobacco group cloud libraryShanghai carrefour the south mall
      Shanghai pudong international airport, united express mail processing centerShanghai university of finance and economics

      The financial center of Shanghai

      Inventec (Shanghai) co., LTD., phase ii workshop Shanghai sewage secondary pumping stationShanghai baosteel equipment
      Zhejiang, jiangsu and other provinces

      Maple love bank second phase of a group

      Kunshan era building

      Jiangsu environmental protection technology co., LTD

      Wuhan century joint mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD. - kunshan shimao new town

      Shanghai rock air-conditioning energy saving technology co., LTD. - rigidity factory

      Shanghai civil fangyuan construction development co., LTD. - favored one swimming pool

      Wuxi bank of communications

      IALA international free water bank group

      Zhangjiagang city construction works

      Zhejiang jiashan phoenix home one

      Maple love bank IALA three groups

      Kunshan butterfly bay

      Suzhou industrial park seika street, royal phoenix phase ii

      Yangzhong prosperous industrial park - ring too long silicon technology

      Taiyuan star river garden hotel and residence of the issue

      Shenzhen dry feng, zte's industrial park construction engineering co., LTD

      Hangzhou world trade binjiang new town

      Shanghai dragon like construction engineering co., LTD

      Hefei Jin Zhai road sports complex

      Nanchang phoenix phase ii

      Chongqing jiangbei bei

      Splendid world project in suzhou

      The third people's hospital of kunshan city

      Zhejiang university of finance and economics student apartment

      Zhejiang province stadiumZhejiang world trade centerZhejiang province bureau of entertaining hall
      Zhejiang TVZhejiang money beer group co., LTDZhejiang dongyang international hotel
      Hangzhou samsung paper co., LTDHangzhou one hundred big group co., LTDHangzhou best solutions group co., LTD
      Hangzhou huanglong stadiumHangzhou iron and steel group co., LTDHangzhou new city building
      Hangzhou zhijiang hotelHangzhou lakeside mansionSuzhou high-tech zone green garden
      Suzhou Wan Yang camphor apartmentSuzhou city gardenJiangsu province machinery complete equipment co., LTD
      Jiangsu changzhou transformer factoryJiangsu wuxi power buildingJiangsu wuxi microelectronics co., LTD
      Taicang reproductive health family health training centre in ChinaTaicang public security buildingJiangsu wuxi local taxation building
      Le village hotel in suzhouSuzhou su yuan hotelSuzhou industrial park, garden building
      Suzhou industrial park, China TingYuanWuzhong district suzhou home tomorrowSuzhou industrial park, maple water bank
      Suzhou industrial park, east lake county three periodSuzhou industrial park jinji gardenShenzhen zte co., LTD
      Guangdong puning overseas food co., LTDGuangdong Ming kang flavors co., LTDGuangdong otsuka pharmaceutical co., LTD
      Zhuhai jinfeng kitchen ventilation equipment co., LTDIf the source abundance anticorrosive purification equipment co., LTDShenzhen, the refrigeration equipment co., LTD
      Deaton air engineering (shenzhen) co., LTDShenzhen wanzhong oilfield clothing co., LTDGuangdong south China power generation co., LTD
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