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      Contact Us

      Shanghai shangyu fan manufacturing co., LTD

      Address: Shanghai fengxian zhe Lin PuWei highway no. 6157

      Telephone: 021-57450101 57450919

      The true: 021-57450900

      Web site: www.mptmotor.com

      Enterprise culture

      Current Location: Home>>About Us>>Enterprise culture

      Enterprise culture is the enterprise and the staff common direction of the target, is the enterprise management concept, the foundation of management principle, management method, can guarantee the sustained healthy development of the enterprise; Every employee of Shanghai shangyu fan manufacture, should become a faithful practitioner Shanghai shangyu fan manufacturing culture, followers, communicators, inspire, motivate and improve.

      Enterprise culture

      To customers: return customers, meet and exceed customer expectations of products and services

      To employees: return for loyal employees trust, provide learning and development work, guarantee and improve life

      To society: to repay society, industry and reflect the value

      Business philosophy

      Professional quality, integrity, diligence,; With leading professional technology, perfect quality, integrity, quality service, exquisite cast shangyu brand

      Quality policy

      To market as the guidance, the basis of scientific management, first-class products, first-class services, to ensure customer satisfaction


      Trust,and gratitude expertise to create value; Bear responsibility, contributing to society

      Enterprise vision

      Energy saving, low noise, environmental protection fan famous brand

      Staff presence

      Passion, joy and unity

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