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      Contact Us

      Shanghai shangyu fan manufacturing co., LTD

      Address: Shanghai fengxian zhe Lin PuWei highway no. 6157

      Telephone: 021-57450101 57450919

      The true: 021-57450900

      Web site: www.mptmotor.com

      Company profile

      Current Location: Home>>About Us>>Company profile

         Shanghai shangyu blower manufacture co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the design and manufacture all kinds of fan of modern science and technology enterprises, the company is located in Shanghai fengxian zhelin town economic development zone PuWei highway no. 6517 (model of the station), covers an area of more than 22000 square meters, building area of 14000 square meters.

         The company mainly produces: air-conditioning fan, efficient, mixed flow fans, tunnel type axial flow fan, oblique flow fan, low noise induced fan, centrifugal fan, roof fan, fire smoke exhaust fan, all kinds of fan box, fire dampers, smoke valve, regulating valve, aluminum alloy tuyere series and other accessories, etc. The company has a full set of advanced production and testing, sales and after-sales service the whole process of quality assurance system, is a member of the China council for the promotion of quality credit AAA grade quality integrity, quality good faith consumer (user) the trustworthy unit, and has passed ISO9001:2000 (revised) quality system certification.  

         The company long-term technical cooperation with design institute, college, combined with the actual market demand, the company pays attention to scientific management under the guidance of the spirit, through continuous efforts, continuously improve product series, product quality continuously upgrade, "shangyu" card fan with its reasonable structure design, easy installation, complete functions, beautiful appearance, reliable quality and other characteristics, widely used in all kinds of high-rise buildings, underground garage, tunnels and 1435196783900650.jpgmechanical field of chemical industry, products since the market, winning the trust of customers and society.

         Companies adhering to the good faith cooperation, innovation and win-win business philosophy, adhere to quality first, customer first, service first-class for the purpose, warmly welcome the design, the user units, architectural friend guidance, the company is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create a better future.

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